@tubetime Oooh interesting. My 25 doesn't have this lock. Mine was a single floppy model, and the right bay is just 100% blank.

@arstechnica I can't believe that's AI generated, all the hands have the proper amount of fingers.

star trek picard s3:e5 "imposters" - caffeinated thoughts & spoilers 

@f00fc7c8 I think Jack's thing is Borg related. Due to Locutus nanojizz in Picard's seed.

@ClarusPlusPlus Pontoons for water landing/takeoff, plus a davit and rigging on the bow to load/unload the helicopter onboard like a modern ship's lifeboat system.

@foone I have a hard time caring about ARM as an architecture, as well. I personally think the entire arch will be gone within a decade or two, probably replaced by RISC-V or another new ISA.

But it has been in some really cool stuff, and there have been a few notable examples that were interesting in and of themselves.

Intel's attempts with StrongARM and xScale were neat enough to catch my attention for a few minutes.

One of my favorites:

@cypnk I mean, that fits the idea of the modern primary education system, so why not, right?

"As institutional as possible" -The modern school system

My mother's best friend took me out to lunch on my 28th birthday and punched a seagull that was trying to take the butter, but this here sounds like a #horror movie.


Did you know that I run a server? We have over 600 members, a lovely community of retro tech enthusiasts. Invites are open at discord.gg/xnnUaKN

You can also connect via ! All discord channels except two are instantly mirrored on my IRC server at irc.yestergearpc.com:6667 - you can bring your old machine online and chat with the modern world! Don't be afraid to do a /list, there's only 24 channels! (Feel free to use the server for your own channels too, if you like)

@nrmelnick All the time. I have at least 20-30 pieces in my collection that I have zero recollection of where/how I picked them up.

@xodium Gatekeepers of any level tick me off.

Everybody has a different definition of what is retro/vintage/old.

Just let people like things :)

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