I guess Mastodon has "made it" when the crypto scammers show up lol. I was fast on the block button.

What day is it? That's right! Recap day!

Tandy 1400LT Power Supply is going to get every cap replaced.

For my review of the case, here's what I put in at Newegg. It was $45 shipped, not too bad.

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Just kinda want to show off my latest build, a cursed home for the 1080TI FTW3 Hybrid that was given to me for Christmas from a friend. Will do VR duty for my Rift S (which I haven't used since I went back to linux on my main rig last year), and maybe steam streaming for non-proton-friendly games.

Mainboard: Dell XPS 8700
CPU: i5 4590
SSD: Hynix 512GB 2.5" SATA SSD
GPU: eVGA 1080TI FTW3 Hybrid
PSU: Lian Li SFX 750W (temporary)
Case: Matrexx 40

My new keyboard is GLORIOUS! barebones, loaded with Outemu blues, and a custom keycap set built from 3 other sets. Types like a dream, sounds amazing. I'm in love!

I got to recap my refrigerator tonight! That was unexpected. GE GSH25SGRB SS. Was just clicking.
No compressor, wasn't cooling.
Main board had two caps going bulgy wulgy. Nichicon 470uf @ 25V.

I didn't have the right caps in stock, so just used what I had on hand (cheapo bulk Chinese caps) - they'll probably last a few weeks until the right ones come in.

It's working again for now, at least :)

Say hello to the best "joystick" I've ever used on - I've always been a PC gamer, and WASD/Arrow Keys just feel natural to me, I'm kicking ass in games on the now. I'm thinking of having a run of PCBs made, and actually making a few of these that are better looking.

The can now play with the big boys. ram upgrade complete!

I'm just sitting here wishing RespeQt could do modem emulation. Don't want to spend $80 on a , and not willing to pay for APE until it supports Linux... What's a guy to do?

Might have to buy a real Atari modem and an 850 lol. That might cost as much as a Fuji... Rock and a hard place.

Found a pair of brand new Type 2s at my local thrift for $1 each... Not bad. Seem to be Japanese. Shop had a bunch of Japanese labeled US artist cassettes too.

Seeing is showing their colors today, I'll remind everyone about - a Pi Zero pinout compatible -V SBC. They're a lot of fun, cheap, and pink to boot. $30ish shipped from AliExpress.

Drawing a set on 400, because waiting 4-6 hours for a single frame sounds fun lol.

The 400 keyboard is now complete! Legend stickers applied! The shift and return keys were not die-cut for 1u keycaps, so I had to cut them, and I did poorly... But I'm happy that I don't have to stare at a reference picture to remember what key does what now :D

Wrote the type-in organ on my Atari 400.

Saved to cassette for future playing :)

GPT3 ChatAI saves the lives of all passengers on board. This thing is amazing :D (No this did not actually happen)

And there's the proper keycap set. I have a set of Atari keyboard decals coming, so every key will get a sticker to match, but that's the color scheme.

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Slapped on some random keycaps. The letters are mostly correct, the rest is mostly not. Feels really really nice to type on!

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The 400 is reassembled after bad ram chip replacement and keyboard upgrade!! Just waiting on keycaps now.

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