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The Mainboard was in my scrap pile. I can't find my i7 4770, so just tossed in the i5 for now. Using the stock fan for a top intake, with the 1080's rad for exhaust. Cable managed as best possible.

Have a full ATX PSU coming.

Total cost for the build for me was about $100 (just for the case and PSU, as I had everything else laying around)

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Just kinda want to show off my latest build, a cursed home for the 1080TI FTW3 Hybrid that was given to me for Christmas from a friend. Will do VR duty for my Rift S (which I haven't used since I went back to linux on my main rig last year), and maybe steam streaming for non-proton-friendly games.

Mainboard: Dell XPS 8700
CPU: i5 4590
SSD: Hynix 512GB 2.5" SATA SSD
GPU: eVGA 1080TI FTW3 Hybrid
PSU: Lian Li SFX 750W (temporary)
Case: Matrexx 40

My new keyboard is GLORIOUS! barebones, loaded with Outemu blues, and a custom keycap set built from 3 other sets. Types like a dream, sounds amazing. I'm in love!

I got to recap my refrigerator tonight! That was unexpected. GE GSH25SGRB SS. Was just clicking.
No compressor, wasn't cooling.
Main board had two caps going bulgy wulgy. Nichicon 470uf @ 25V.

I didn't have the right caps in stock, so just used what I had on hand (cheapo bulk Chinese caps) - they'll probably last a few weeks until the right ones come in.

It's working again for now, at least :)

Remember the sound of an old slide projector? A chewing gum machine? A coffee mill?

#ConserveTheSound puts together a virtual audio #museum of (almost) lost everyday #sound:

How about we kickoff this comeback with a bit of #RetroHardware ?

Here's a DTX Mobile Terminal

Photo by Jacob Alexander

I have migrated my instance over to Bucket.

The guide missed some things, had some things out of date, and was a bit frustrating, but I got through it.

Too bad I didn't take notes, would have been nice to keep anyone else from the same hiccups.

But now I don't have to worry about my 60GB SSD filling up lol.

But why is this printer dressed up as a cat? 🐯

As somebody who has both some printers and some cats, I don’t really trust either to actually print. And combining them just seems unnecessarily chaotic.

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Browsing Buyee for fun, I stumbled across this listing for "IBM WebBoy for DOS". A program that up until now I never though saw a final release, no less a boxed one.

I'm not gonna buy it, but maybe one of you are interested in buying/archiving this rare piece of oddware.

i'm pleased to announce that my replica Datanetics ASCII keyboard design is now published! check the link for the design files and build instructions.

After a few revisions, we have a winner! Needs some sanding and cleaning, but is fully functional. Just need #Polymaker to help matching color.
#macintosh #apple #powerbook #3Dprintedparts

As a clarification, if your profile is empty, you have no toots, no description, and no profile pic, I'll also be passing for now. If you're just joining, feel free to interact once you get established and I'll probably follow back :D

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Say hello to the best "joystick" I've ever used on - I've always been a PC gamer, and WASD/Arrow Keys just feel natural to me, I'm kicking ass in games on the now. I'm thinking of having a run of PCBs made, and actually making a few of these that are better looking.

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