Quick poll for the audience (please boost for reach)

You see a WiFi Router marketed as: "Dual-Band AC750 Wifi 4-port Gigabit Router with USB device sharing"

Your impression is the device:

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The answer to the question... Vote before reading. 

A year or two ago, I purchased an Asus RT-AC51U "Dual-Band AC750 WiFi 4-port Gigabit Router with USB device sharing"

The WAN port is 100mbps
The LAN ports are 100mbps
The Wifi is AC750 (WiFi 5 capable of max of about 433mbps)

I purchased this because their page stated it was a gigabit router, and I planned to upgrade my service to gigabit eventually. Which I recently did. I'm enjoying my 100mbps connection still.

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Now, had I done my homework, the specs page states this clearly. However, I purchased based upon the title alone, expecting all the ports to be gigabit, as it was 2020 afterall... Who still puts 100mbps chips in their devices?

Asus.. That's who.. Then put gigabit in the title for suckers who only read the title.

The answer to the question... Vote before reading. 

@yestergearpc always check the tech specs on the website is what I've learned. Screenshot is from the tech specs link of the page you shared. (Press tiny down arrow in top right and you get menu for tech specs and other things)

The answer to the question... Vote before reading. 

@littletranspunk I'm aware. It was mentioned in the thread. Maybe the federation fun left that part of the thread out ;)

The answer to the question... Vote before reading. 

@yestergearpc Yeah, this is pretty cray. I can't remember the last time even a cheaper ASUS router like a AC1900 came with Fast Ethernet. It is, as you say, 2020+! I doubt I'd have read into it either.

Very crappy of them to hide a nickel in savings to keep the RT-AC51U in FE.

@yestergearpc my extreme cynicism made me gravitate to "no gigabit ports". if I were slightly less of a cynic, I'd say I expect at least one of its ports, whether WAN or LAN, to be gigabit ethernet.

@yestergearpc Seems my extreme cynicism (and moreso, knowing how these rhetorical questions usually go) was right!

@yestergearpc buying consumer level routers is a gamble in every sense.

Will it have gigabit? Will it be supported for the next few years with security updates? Will it be stable? Will the CPU keep up if I download torrents? Can I switch on some of the security options without it tanking performance?

It’s why I ended up spending a lot on Ubiquiti gear.


I really, really, really want to say zero, but I'm hoping that's a trick answer.

Therefor, I'll pick WAN only

@yestergearpc isn't WAN wireless access network, so what the heck is a WAN port? There is nothing to plug in to a port for a wireless connection.

@phantomkitty WAN is "wide area network" ie - the internet (or other larger outside network) LAN is "local area network"

A router is the magic in the middle that allows multiple local machines to talk over a single ip to the rest of the world.

You may be confusing WAN with WLAN (wireless lan)

@yestergearpc @hazel given the way the question was posed I’d pick “none”, but absent the question/context obviously it should have all the gigabit ports so that’s what I answered.

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